Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Listen to the radio...

I was driving yesterday with the windows down and music from my iPod playing. Every car around me was playing a different song, and while part of me thinks "rightous" another part of me misses that time when you'd pull up to a stoplight, and the guy in the car next to you was playing the same song that you were, because you both had it set to 98.5 KOME (hey, there's KOME on your dial!) or 92.3 KSJO. Sometimes it was KMEL, KEZR or KFOG. I can't remember the numbers anymore.
But it was a real rush when you realized that everyone around you was listening to the same song as you were at the same time. Nowadays, it's just a fluke.

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kystorms said...


I was surfing for some rearch materials for a post I am doing on KOME and came across your blog....its very cool to find another LG husband and his whole family are from Los Gatos, I was from Sunnyvale and Santa Cruz, we moved to Kentucky in 1994 but r working on getting back home soon.
will be checking back often to read more posts about 'home'
thanks for blogging Los Gatos and your right... gone are the days of sharing a musical moment ...and the days of KOME. Its so sad.

but at least there is KFOX to listen to, I listen via on line... so its a tiny connection to that glorious past!