Monday, July 31, 2006

Domus is a Happy Place

My daughter wanted to make vegetable soup yesterday. We don't really have any small soup cups, and dear hubby likes to have a small amount of soup before dinner, and frankly it looks silly have a small amount in our regular sized cereal bowls.

So, to Domus we go. Their tagline is that they're "Your Lifestyle Shop" and I'd have to agree. Considering I've been buying stuff there since it was called Habitat, it's grown with my lifestyle.

So, we ended up buying some beautiful Japanese style tea cups with a blue glaze to use as our soup bowls. And it was just the right size.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An Anniversary Made in Viva and C.B. Hannigans

Ok, so that's virtually heaven.

For our 12 year anniversary, we had dinner at Viva. We started with clam chowder, and were really impressed at how "clammy" it tasted. They used real salt pork instead of cheating with bacon. And it was served HOT. I love my soup hot. I have viognier and hubby had an 18 year maccallan. I had the most delicious spit roasted lamb with red potatoes and green beans. I had a glass of Syrah with this and it matched perfectly.

Hubby had a delightful beef chop that was served over prime rib hash, mixed veggies (they called it a ragout), and blue cheese mashed potoates. The special was with garlic, but he requested the blue cheese ones, and they're always happy to accomodate.

We skipped dessert, and found a parking spot behind Sur La Table. I was shocked. It was like 630pm. There were PARKING SPOTS. It was a Saturday!! And Smith & Hawken was even closed. Very odd.

So we walked up one side window shopping & then crossed & popped into C.B. Hannigans where hubby could try expensive single malt scotches with impunity. We tried Oban and Bruichladdich 10 year which was clear as a bell. I confess, I'm not that hot on hard alcohol, and I'm really particular about what I kiss on his breath, and I loved both of these. The next day we went to BevMo and bought the Oban 14 year.

The weather was warm, and the evening was delightful.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gotta love the Los Gatos Library

So, I took a mini-vacation and went ... to Los Gatos! Wait, I am already in Los Gatos. It's true, sometimes there is no place like home.

I went to the Los Gatos Public Library website to see about some events since it's fun to go hang out there. And there's going to be a local author on the 18th.

The book is called The Bad Man from Bodie: The Life and Violent Death of John Franklin Showers. I went to Borders to find out if they had any, being a local author and all, and they didn't. However, they snagged the flyer from me, and intend upon ordering them. Hoorah!

So if you're interested in meeting the author and getting a book and getting it signed, go to the Los Gatos Council Lobby on the 18th at 7pm. The flyer is here but be warned, it's a pdf doc.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Diving the strip and what do i see?

So, I had to go into downtown to Sur La Table and get a Lodge Chicken Fryer....yes, I have been watching too much foodnetwork thanks for asking...and so I'm parked behind in that center parking area.
And I flash back when there used to be a rug shop on the bottom and a French restaurant on the top. I can't remember the names for the life of me, but you accessed them through the parking lot. Anyway, the French restaurant used to have a Sunday buffet. When Ma was out of town once, Daddy took us there for brunch. I flirted with the matre d and he brought me a special dessert. Fresh strawberries with brown sugar and triple sec. To this DAY that's my absolute favorite dessert.

Ok, so after I get out of Sur La Table (you don't want to know the final bill...I needed a meat tenderizer too, and my daughter needed a treat), I'm driving down N. Santa Cruz and where Ford's Cleaners & Crown Books used to be is GUTTED. They're remodeling or something. I hope there wasn't a fire or anything.

Ford's Cleaners was there forever and a day. I remember walking past that day after day seeing their advertisments for preserving your wedding gown, and it filled my head with flowers and dreams.

Of course, I eloped so that's another story.