Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's Day

Ok, Mother's Day Weekend has officially started. I hope you made reservations at Viva or California Cafe. No? There's so many restaurants now in Los Gatos. I'm not sure which one to pick either. I think I'll just stay home & have the husband bbq some ribs for me.
Speaking of which, some really tasty ribs are at Little Lou's BBQ.
I usually get the tri tip salad, my daughter loves the pork ribs, and my husband loves it all. And try the potato salad. I'm really a snit when it comes to potato salad (no egg, no relish, nothing fancy), and this stuff is so tasty. I could eat the whole large side by myself. Oh and be warned, the hot links really are hot.
I'll order the Captains Platter, and then walk down to either Kings Court Liquors or Trader Joe's to pick up some wine or beer.
Maybe I'll do that tonight! It's either that or Outback...

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