Thursday, May 04, 2006

From Sambos to Baker's Square

Once upon a time, there was a very cool breakfast place that had the best pancakes called Sambo's. They'd provide a mini comic book to keep kids happy while they cooked up the flapjacks, and it involved Little Black Sambo who chased a tiger around a palm tree so fast that the tiger turned into a stack of pancakes which Little Black Sambo ate.
Before you send hate mail, this was in the 70s. It was totally racist, absolutely. And that's why they changed it.
It became some "Garden" place and then something after that before finding it's current owner of Baker's Square at some point. My brain doesn't work as well as it used to. As a teenager in '83, we went there after a night of sampling from a beer keg all night for breakfast. I couldn't eat a thing.

It wasn't a bad place, but something happened in the last few years. We'd go on occasion after getting our hair cut at Christina's of Los Gatos (395-HAIR), and the service got downright *surly* last year. The wait-thing argued with me over my choice of wine. I chose white instead of red to go with my BLT. Go figure.

And after 2 of the mini-bottles of wine, I'll forgive most anyone for anything, but the last time we were there, they messed up my order, and then didn't make it right, and then my wait-thing never came back. Ever. So we had to just walk up to the register to pay.

I guess I'm not surprised that it's never busy there. They need to fix the inner problems before they can fix the external problems. Pity because it's so convenient to go there.

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