Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nail & Hair Salons

I was driving down University the other day just shocked & amazed at how many antique stores are now hair or nail salons (or both).

When growing up, everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING was an antique store. It was a miserable place for growing up because there wasn't much to do. At the bottom of College Avenue on E. Main Street, there was a video game arcade where they had a pool table, pinball, and they must have had other stuff. We enjoyed pinball, my brother and I.

I think that I mentioned that the Town of Los Gatos had to put in a morotorium on more hair or nail salons. I'm sure that the rents are astronomical. And yet, they stay in business, so it must be what the market can bear. It's just ... well, there needs to be more fun things in town. Another bookstore besides Borders. More places to just hang out and be a kid.

Perhaps Los Gatos kids these days are just too busy being shuttled from activity to activity to tutor to activity that they don't have time to just be kids. And that's too bad.

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