Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oak Meadow Park in February

Goodness it's gorgeous here. My daughter & her friend convinced me to get out of the house. So naturally I brought my MacBook Pro and Verizon Air Card so I can keep working while I'm here.

We first went to the 7-Eleven where Blossom Hill ends on N. Santa Cruz. I remember my brother and I would walk down there (which was really quite a ways from College Avenue), and get mountain dew and huge candy bars, and then go play at Oak Meadow. This was back when parents didn't need to tether their kids, nor did they overschedule them. (usually we'd just go to the 7-Eleven by the high school, but sometimes we just wanted to go for a long walk. I love my brother, and we've always gotten along really well. He's been gone from the area since probably 1993 and I still miss him.)

I'm drinking a Coca Cola slurpee. Honestly, I swear it's the best. Go for the traditional.

Dan and I would also ride our bicycles to Oak Meadow when we were older. It's mostly still the same. It has great swings, the old plane and a fire truck. It's a different fire truck, but that's OK. The play structure is way different, and they have tanbark instead of sand.

That sand got so hot in the summer. I do remember Dan and I racing across the playground area on our bikes to see who could get across. We'd always bog down by the slides.

Kids need more unstructured play time. They need to get bored and learn to use their imaginations again. And not have tethers.

Ok, back to work. I took more photos with my iphone that I'll upload later.