Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nice evening for a walk

Ok, back to the weather. My goodness, was yesterday just perfect or what? Only in California can we truly say "Yup, another crummy day in paradise." My daughter and I rode our bicycles to the Safeway on Union and Los Gatos-Almaden since I got a little too earnest in cleaning and threw out her toothbrush. Oops.

We bicycled back home up Los Gatos-Almaden and stopped to look in the Los Gatos Memorial cemetary. One day, I'll cycle in there with her and look at some of the gorgeous gravestones. There are some really intricate ones, and it looks like there's one crypt. I won't take her around Halloween or a full moon, though.

She didn't have school today, and once my husband came home, I grabbed the ipod and said I had to go to the store to get stuff to make dinner. Which was true. So I reached the light at Los Gatos-Almaden and Los Gatos Blvd when Big Log by Robert Plant came on. The sky was the most beautiful liquid gold with white puffy clouds drifting, and a small plane was slowly moving away and over the mountains. It was the perfect soundtrack for such a glorious site. I was reminded why it's important to get out and find the beauty and happiness in the mundane.