Saturday, May 06, 2006


Whenever Senior Prom season hits, I always miss Idamina's Dress Shop. It was right on the main drag, and had some of the most beautiful clothing in the world (well, in my mind, anyway). Dad would take us there to find something for Ma for her birthdays and Mother's days.

I once needed a formal'ish dress for a piano recital. And at the time, it HAD to be a McClintock. So we went to Idamina's and found a perfect forest green calico dress. The staff helped me try it on and then had me stand on the raised dais with the three way mirrors usually used for brides. I thought I was worth a million bucks right then and there because of the way they treated me.

It's hard to find that kind of service nowadays especially since everyone wants it cheaper. But it'll never be better. And so Idamina's faded away. Sure, she was getting old, but there was no one interested in maintaining a high end dress shop. Nowadays, there are only boutiques if you want high end clothing. I truly think they've gone the way of the payphone booth.

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Unknown said...

My Aunt used to take me there, and to the one across the way, all the time when I was little! They had such wonderful clothes!