Monday, April 03, 2006

A good cup of coffee

Before Starbucks and Peet's took over the world, there was the Los Gatos Roasting Company. Growing up near there, it was pure heaven to walk out in the morning and smell the roasting beans as I walked to school. They were true craftsmen in how they handled the beans. It's not this over-roasted dreck that you get these days.
Really, I mean, rant mode on, how hard is it to get a reasonable cup of coffee these days? Just a simple cup of coffee for less then a buck? Even McD's has gone upscale. Of course, they were charging over a dollar for overroasted dreck before.
I like the full bodied. I like the medium bodied. I just like a mellow cup of coffee that doesn't grab me by the lapels before I'm ready to be fully coherent.
Ah well. Back to dreaming of good coffee.

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