Thursday, April 13, 2006

Here comes the sun...

Wow, finally, we get some more sun!

So more musings on the corner of Los Gatos Blvd and Blossom Hill Road.

Food Villa had the best bakery where I could get iced gingerbread cookies where the black icing would make your tongue purple. I loved it.

Before Viva, it was Viva Primavera, and before that it was Fresh Choice. That was after the remodel.

Across the street, the Peets and Wooden Horse used to be a large B. Dalton bookstore. It was a funky little strip mall that they revamped. The Togo's was always there that I remember. And the Lundardi's used to be a very run down Safeway. Then they built the new Safeway over off of N. Santa Cruz. Now it's kind of the run down Safeway, and the one off of Union and Los Gatos Almaden is the "new" Safeway. I think it's a shell game.

B. Dalton couldn't compete, and shut down. Peets and The Wooden Horse moved in. I'm not exactly sure why The Wooden Horse had to move from Old Town, but I suspect it didn't fit in with their upscale model. All of the artists were run out of Old Town as well.

I'll save the Giant Rotunda for tomorrow's musings.

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