Thursday, April 27, 2006


If you ever have a taste for yummy Chinese food, I highly recommend Jasmine. They're in Lyndon Plaza which is the "mall" on the corner of North Santa Cruz and W. Main Street.
They make a wicked tangerine chicken. They opened sometime in the early 80s, and we used to go there when Dad was on a business trip. It was run by a husband & wife and this one other cool dude. When I go in now, it's just the husband and cool dude, so I'm afraid that I fear the worst.
When one parent dies, you lose a bit of innocense that you can never, ever regain, and you look at those situations with a hollow viewpoint. I've been in a lot, and she's never there. Not for lunch, nor dinner. She was cool and would always bring me extra hot mustard for my egg rolls.

Well, I actually went to the site and found the History page . They opened in '82, so my memory isn't quite so bad. He doesn't mention much about his wife. Hopefully she's home making new recipes. Maybe my innocence isn't lost after all.

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