Friday, March 31, 2006

Rain Rain Rain

They say that it's a new record with the rainfall. They say that the last record of note was 1983. I remember all the rain from that year. I'd have to slog through an ocean to get to the math portables as a lake would form between the two trailers.
Then I'd have to go all the way up to the history wing and sit in class dripping wet.
Then I'd walk home! And I pretty much was soaked to the bone.
Yes, those memories never leave you.


castyman said...

Hi yes I was in the Los Gatos Crek during the flash flood! Moody Gulch clogged and the county set a charge to free it. My friends and I were tubing in the creek when it let go! Needles to say we made into Lexington dam in Record time! Also numerous mud slides that changed the roads forever.

Los Gatos Girl said...

Ah but did you bring snow down in Jan of '84 also? I think that was the year that there was snow up in the mountains...enough to put in the backs of pickup trucks and have a snowball fight right before the final bell rang.