Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bonfante Gardens

What a fun day at Bonfante Gardens. I have been taking my daughter there since the second year it opened which I think is 2001 (so I've been going since 2002, I think...). It's a perfect haven from stress with all of the gardens. The rides are simple and fun. I think it's good for kids about 10-12. And it's the perfect place to drag the Grandfolk to as well. I hear you going "Gilroy???" Yes, they have lots of benches, bathrooms and shade. Ok this year the costs seemed to go way up for water and snacks and stuff. I'm willing to suck it up, though, to see the park survive.
So, Los Gatos Girl, what the bleep does this have to do with Los Gatos? Glad you asked! The creator of Bonfante Gardens is Mr. Bonfante who created Nob Hill Foods. Of which there is one in Los Gatos. We used to call it Snob Hill and it was patronized by the Kennedy crowd. We common folk went to Food Villa.
At least, until Lundardi's moved in.
And at this point, I'd like to wax poetic about Italian grocery stores. Lunardi's, Food Villa, Nob Hill, Cosentinos. They had "it" whatever "it" is. You'd walk in, feel at home and find the freshest foods.
Anyway, Michael Bonfante sold Nob Hill to Raleys and Bonfante Garden's is run by a Board of Directors through Paramount. So if you're like me, you buy the VIP pass from Great America, and truck on down to Bonfante Gardens for fun in the sun.
Mr. Bonfante, if you ever read this, you succeeded. You rock. I now go to Nob Hill all the time because it has exactly what I want...which is a reasonable variety staffed by extremely helpful and professional people. Oh, and the same with Bonfante Gardens.
I was talking with the father of a classmate of my daughters and we both said that we just feel safe at Bonfante Gardens.
So break your arm patting yourself on the back. You absolutely deserve it.

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