Friday, April 14, 2006

The Rotund Rotunda

My goodness, that structure really does stand out, doesn't it?
It used to be a Chevy dealership. When I had an internship at Apple one summer, I priced the "speck" cars since I desperately wanted a car ( I ended up buying my best friend's Honda Accord hatchback and learned to drive a stickshift). Hoo boy, never give a salesman your phone number if you're single. He called & asked for a date almost every week that entire summer. Cute guy, though. I had a boyfriend, now my husband. I can't remember the name of the dealership though.

So Crown books used to be on the N. Santa Cruz strip, and they were one of the first people to move into the new strip mall, and were on the end under the rotunda. It was nice to buy a book and then go sit out in the front in the shade.

The woman who was the buyer for the children's book section was a buyer or worked at Chanticleer Books which was located at the bottom of College Avenue where it popped out on E. Main Street. They were one of the best children's book stores. Ever.

I think I'll go curl up now and finish The Silver Chair...

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