Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Rotten Day in Paradise

Yes, it was a hideous 71F and a dreary sunny sky all day long.
Check out The Weather Channel if you don't believe me.
My mother used to tell me that Los Gatos was one of the 3 best places to live in the world due to weather. The second was in Italy, and the third was in Japan.
Who was I to argue with her?

I know, though, that I've lived here too long. When we got cool in September when school started, I said "Expect a very hot Halloween." and Everyone laughed at me. Yup, it was broiling hot. When it's hot when school starts, it's rainy by Halloween.

March came in with a peep on the 1st and then a ROAR on the 2nd. I suspect we'll have a wild ride until April 1st.

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