Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More on the Pet Rock and other Bars

I actually am old enough to remember wanting a pet rock and my parents wouldn't get me one. They said I already had a cat and a dog and why would they waste their money on something stupid like a pet rock.

Well, enough people thought it was great so old Gary built the bar Carry Nations.....Nice bar. Lots of beautiful stained glass.

It's right across the street from Mountain Charley's bar. When we first moved there, Mountain Charleys was a bar and a restaurant. The bar was well known for their belly bucking contests. Eventually, the restaurant went up the nose of the owner and they sold it to a number of less then memorable places. The best was the Alligator Bar & Grill. That's where I had my first Dixie Brewing Company Blackened Voodoo Lager.
Sorry...but "El YUMMO" :-D

Once upon a long time ago, every St. Patty's day, there would be a tricycle race down N. Santa Cruz Avenue. The "contestants" would tricycle from bar to bar and quaff a beer. I think they hit 17 bars starting from Number One Broadway on down to Magoo's Pizza (which bit the dust ages ago).

Number One Broadway was supposed to have been the senior project of a design student from UC Santa Cruz.

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