Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bridge to lunch memories

My daughter was taking tap/ballet classes through the recreation department and since it was only an hour, I'd go for a walk around. Earlier this summer, I was surprised to see that the bridge between Forbes Mill and Old Town was locked off. So when I went down to poke around, I was delighted that the bridge is open again. There were a lot of lovely paintings done by the local Girl Scout troops.

During high school, my friends & I would run to Old Town using that bridge because of B. J. Bull pasties. My favorite was the beef and mushroom. I can't remember what Sean and Brent got. But we'd grab them and run back and eat lunch in some classroom before having to get to the next class.

I was so bummed when B. J. Bull's closed down. I imagine the rent at Old Town was outrageous even then. So, when I worked at Adobe in the mid 90s, I was tickled pink to see them at the San Jose Farmer's Market, and the beef and mushroom pasty tasted just as good as I'd remembered, which doesn't happen very often!

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