Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kuletto's is Gone

I was down at the rec building waiting for my daughter's beginning tap/ballet class to end when I realized that Kulettos is no longer at the new hotel. I forgot to write down the name of the new one.

Still, how does this bode? I wonder why Kuletto's didn't make it. There's a wedding at the hotel every weekend. They wouldn't be hurting for clientele. I had one friend go there for her husband's 40th and they spent $200 for 4 people including wine, which isn't unreasonable considering that they did a full meal.

I never went there because, well, you know me. I love Viva.


Anonymous said...

LG Girl - I just love reading your posts - I am also a native LG girl, having moved there in 1974. Your memories are mine, we probably knew each other when!

Kuletto's closed awhile back because the food and service weren't great. The new restaurant, Dio Deko is Greek and I had very high hopes for it as I stay at the hotel when I'm in town several times a month. Unfotunately, the food wasn't all that great and the service was terrible. I'll give them another shot, but I'm with you... Viva is my favorite!

I love your blog - keep posting... I'm still trying to figure out if I know you!

Anonymous said...

LG Girl(s)- My husband and I dined at Dio Deko last night to celebrate our wedding Anniversary. It was a wonderful choice as our server (Heather) was very attentive and the entrees (rib eye and lamb chops) were superb! The ambience was very pleasing and music pleasantly upbeat.

Dio Deko is now our first choice for dining in Los Gatos and we recommend you give it another try!