Thursday, December 21, 2006

Main Street Burgers

So the other month, we met my parents at Main Street Burgers in Lyndon Plaza. They'd fetched our daughter from school, and so my husband & I went "whoohoo, we get a date hour!!" We parked behind Mountain Charleys (so we obviously got there early), and walked down to C. B. Hannigans where my husband tried two single malt scotches. Good thing we were walking since he hadn't eaten anything in 5 hours and they both went to his head. It was cute & endearing since he rarely does anything like that. We promised ourselves that we'd find a date time to go there & let him try the cask strength. He read somewhere that this one guy drank cask strength and woke up 2 days later face down in the backyard. We might be able to do that today since our daughter is going over to her grandparents to make cookies.

So, Main Street Burgers got two big thumbs up. My daughter got a hot dog and ate it all up which is unusual. I got the regular burger & it was fabulous, perfectly cooked, etc. The fries and onion rings weren't greasy. Husband got the blue cheese burger & swore we're going back since he couldn't get enough of it.

It was a nice evening and we sat outside watching cars & letting our daughter run around while we finished up. My parents had been there before a few weeks prior & were hesitant...the food was good, but they hadn't had the outdoor seating, and there was no one else there, and the staff all sat there staring at them to see if they wanted or needed anything. I can't see that as happening any more since every time I walk past, I see people in there.

So give it a try!

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