Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gotta love the Los Gatos Library

So, I took a mini-vacation and went ... to Los Gatos! Wait, I am already in Los Gatos. It's true, sometimes there is no place like home.

I went to the Los Gatos Public Library website to see about some events since it's fun to go hang out there. And there's going to be a local author on the 18th.

The book is called The Bad Man from Bodie: The Life and Violent Death of John Franklin Showers. I went to Borders to find out if they had any, being a local author and all, and they didn't. However, they snagged the flyer from me, and intend upon ordering them. Hoorah!

So if you're interested in meeting the author and getting a book and getting it signed, go to the Los Gatos Council Lobby on the 18th at 7pm. The flyer is here but be warned, it's a pdf doc.

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