Saturday, July 01, 2006

Diving the strip and what do i see?

So, I had to go into downtown to Sur La Table and get a Lodge Chicken Fryer....yes, I have been watching too much foodnetwork thanks for asking...and so I'm parked behind in that center parking area.
And I flash back when there used to be a rug shop on the bottom and a French restaurant on the top. I can't remember the names for the life of me, but you accessed them through the parking lot. Anyway, the French restaurant used to have a Sunday buffet. When Ma was out of town once, Daddy took us there for brunch. I flirted with the matre d and he brought me a special dessert. Fresh strawberries with brown sugar and triple sec. To this DAY that's my absolute favorite dessert.

Ok, so after I get out of Sur La Table (you don't want to know the final bill...I needed a meat tenderizer too, and my daughter needed a treat), I'm driving down N. Santa Cruz and where Ford's Cleaners & Crown Books used to be is GUTTED. They're remodeling or something. I hope there wasn't a fire or anything.

Ford's Cleaners was there forever and a day. I remember walking past that day after day seeing their advertisments for preserving your wedding gown, and it filled my head with flowers and dreams.

Of course, I eloped so that's another story.

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