Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An Anniversary Made in Viva and C.B. Hannigans

Ok, so that's virtually heaven.

For our 12 year anniversary, we had dinner at Viva. We started with clam chowder, and were really impressed at how "clammy" it tasted. They used real salt pork instead of cheating with bacon. And it was served HOT. I love my soup hot. I have viognier and hubby had an 18 year maccallan. I had the most delicious spit roasted lamb with red potatoes and green beans. I had a glass of Syrah with this and it matched perfectly.

Hubby had a delightful beef chop that was served over prime rib hash, mixed veggies (they called it a ragout), and blue cheese mashed potoates. The special was with garlic, but he requested the blue cheese ones, and they're always happy to accomodate.

We skipped dessert, and found a parking spot behind Sur La Table. I was shocked. It was like 630pm. There were PARKING SPOTS. It was a Saturday!! And Smith & Hawken was even closed. Very odd.

So we walked up one side window shopping & then crossed & popped into C.B. Hannigans where hubby could try expensive single malt scotches with impunity. We tried Oban and Bruichladdich 10 year which was clear as a bell. I confess, I'm not that hot on hard alcohol, and I'm really particular about what I kiss on his breath, and I loved both of these. The next day we went to BevMo and bought the Oban 14 year.

The weather was warm, and the evening was delightful.

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