Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We’re Fixing Up the Homestead

We found a leak. We actually found a leak 7 years ago and ignored it. Then the wall dried up, and we thought we were fine. But then there was another leak. And this one wasn’t clearing up. And we knew that our galvanized pipes were disintegrating. So we sighed and got ready for the plunge of remodel heck.

I’ll blog more about that another time. But since we’re fixing up the internals, I think we should clean up the externals too. Like when I removed the ugly juniper that was overgrown and housed rats and spiders. I replaced them with geraniums and roses, and it looks awesome.

So maybe it’s time to get a pretty custom made address plaque for the house because we do confuse a lot of people since our front door faces a different street than our address. This could be a smart way of letting people know, “Hey, we’re really this address.” This can be useful, heaven forbid, we should ever need a fire truck or ambulance.

Hubby has always loved brass. And I found these beautiful copper, brass and aluminum address plaques from Whitehall. Ok, I get to use one of my favorite words. Some have a patina! But seriously, I fell in love with the Rochelle Wall Address Plaque since it has a nice bricky red background with the brass numbers and some lovely designs. Still I wonder if it would go well with our tan house, so perhaps we’d be better off with the Pinecone wall address plaque. It’s green, obviously, with brass. The detail around the outside is subtle. It’s classy.

I wouldn’t want to hang them on our brick, although we could. I just dread having to drill into that. And just to the right of the brick around the door is the living room window, which have faux shutters. I’ll keep looking.

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