Thursday, July 09, 2009

Burning Burning Burning, Like a Ring of Fire

I didn’t want to perfectly quote The Man in Black since if this came up in their search, they’d be mighty disappointed. I’m a firm believer in only catching the fish that are looking for you.

So this los gatos girl did some research on fire rings. Wow, they’re pretty cool. The fire rings at Outdora have some lovely images stamped out in them like stars and moons, horses, mountains and trees, and moose.

And yes, the purpose of the fire ring is to create a safe outdoor fire pit any place, any where, and (for the most part) any time. So I could get a fire ring and use it in my back yard, and then take it when I go visit dad & mom in an RV park (they like going close by like to the beach), and set up the fire ring there and roast marshmallows.

The willow fire ring and grill comes with a cool grill that you can attach and cook directly over a fire. This I thought was very cool. While someone is cooking on a fork on one side (or on one fire ring), I can be cooking portobellos on the grill over some lovely hard wood.

I think I’d want a real outdoor fire pit or a chiminea for the back yard since it’s big and beautiful, and a fire ring for camping or hanging out on the beach. I’d want to be very careful building a fire in the great outdoors. Especially in California. And apparently we’re having a drout.

In the cool evenings of the fall when it’s still twilight out at 7, it would be nice to have a fire to relax around. Most of my tomatoes will be gone by then, and we have that nice dirt patch in the middle of the yard. I can move the fall & winter crops over to the side. Hrm. Yeah, I think I’m getting a plan here.

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