Monday, June 29, 2009

Can Wind Chimes Soothe the Soul?

We were cleaning out the garage the other day so that we can start working on the Harleys again. Lo and behold, in a corner, in an unused mini cooler that his mom left with us (which we’ll never use and she won’t take back…we should donate it, but it’s one of those things where as soon as we do, she’ll want it back)….there was a set of wind chimes that hubby’s friend gave him probably 15 years ago.

They were beautifully tuned and we had them outside for many years until the string disintegrated and parts started falling off. Then, one winter, a really bad storm knocked the wind chimes completely off. There they were hanging all over the orange tree. And I picked up all the pieces that I could find and put them into the cooler in the garage intending to get it fixed some day.

Dear Hubby pointed out that I didn’t pick up an important piece & he’d seen it kicking around the yard for months. I didn’t ask why he didn’t just pick it up and put it with the rest of the stuff. 22 years together, you tend to gloss over some things.

So, it brought out some nostalgia. Should we get them fixed or should we buy a new set. I don’t even know if you can get them restrung, honestly. This set was well tuned with a deep throaty call.

So I’ve been looking into new ones and found Woodstock Percussion wind chimes. My new favorite online store Outdora has a huge selection of them. Woodstock Percussion even makes glass wind chimes as well as the usual metal ones.

My favorite is the Woodstock Pachelbel Cannon Wind Chime. I think dear hubby would want the Woodstock Chicago Blues Wind Chime. And I am NOT under any circumstances getting a gong.

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Jomama said...

I love the sound of wind chimes. I bet you could restring them yourself. The sound should come from the shape of the pieces, rather than the restringing.