Thursday, June 18, 2009

Leadership Los Gatos

Well, I finished up Leadership Los Gatos with barely a squeak. I came down with a virus and had to miss the graduation. Drat. I highly recommend the program for people to learn more about Los Gatos and how it's managed.

In the letters to the editor, I constantly see complaints about this or that, and I have to think that if they would get more involved instead of sitting back and armchair quarterbacking, everyone's life would be better in the community.

I went to the planning commission where they discussed the future of the property at the corner of Gateway and Los Gatos Boulevard. I'd say it was where the McHugh Lincoln Mercury dealership used to be, but that's old news. So it's where Swanson Ford dealership expanded to for awhile. There were people complaining about how they might connect the parking lot with where Trader Joe's is located. Don't they realize that's a good thing? If there are offices in the new building, what a great idea to walk over to TJ's or Crimson or Little Lou's and spend some money in Los Gatos. Every little bit helps.

And frankly those that are worried about the noise should have lived there when it was McHugh. I could always here their P.A. system, and I'm half a mile from the place.

So I was happy to see the Town Council approved it.

Those who are interested in a career in civic leadership might want to earn a Public Administration degree from an accredited college.

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