Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Teach them early and often

I went up to Testarossa yesterday to get my wine club wine. So much fun every time to fetch it. Normally, I would be doing tasting but not yesterday. Still my daughter had a blast checking out the cork oak tree in the front seeing the beautiful photographs of the flowers on the wall, and just checking out the shopping opportunities. She now wants to see behind the curtain how the wine is maid.

I remember growing up on College Avenue...there were grapes on the front hillside that could be swiped since they didn't harvest them anymore. And whenever people would visit, my parents would inevitably take them up to the winery for a tour. Back then, you didn't need an appointment...you'd just show up and someone would walk you around. The vats and the crush pads were incredible, and the smell was amazing. I hope my daughter can experience that.

I think it's important to teach kids about the components of alcohol and that it's not just something to get drunk on. When you learn about the various flavors and how things are made, it helps you to respect what you're drinking that much more.

And, in an omigawd moment, Rob Jensen came out and was assisting people at the tasting bar. I didn't know he really existed! Ok, I did but it was a bit of hero worship after all. And yes, he does have red hair. Just in case you were wondering.

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