Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blue that Measure D didn't pass

Ok, I'm bummed officially that Measure D didn't pass. The fact that my husband voted against it didn't help. He worried that it would increase crime. Heck, at least then the police would know where to go.

Still, if there's one thing all my years in motorcycle rights taught me, it's to be patient. It didn't pass this time. We need to identify the true concerns and address them maturely, and win over the group that weren't sure and didn't vote on it. And there were a lot.

Honestly. There's about 29,000 people in Los Gatos, and only 11,697 voted? Check out the results here at the Santa Clara County Registrar's office.

There are two facebook pages devoted to it.

I Support a Skatepark in Los Gatos


All for Los Gatos Skatepark

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