Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Measure D - The Skateboard Park Issue

I see a lot of musings going on one way and the other.
All I can say is:
1. you say that you don't want to pay for a special interest issue. Well, what do you say when you have to fix my road and my sidewalk. Am I a special interest?
2. that they should feel badly for wanting what they want instead of a band-aid and then ask for what they really want. Sorry, but go for what's going to solve the problem long term.
3. that they'll take parking away from people. Let's not forget that used to be a filling station for the police (yeah, I parked there as a teen and found out the hard way). It wasn't there's for long, and the police are going to be moving near Rite-Aid soon anyway. So what's the big deal.
Kids need something to do...I grew up here when there was a gaming place (back when that meant pool, air hockey and space invaders) but it didn't last long..let me repeat "KID'S NEED SOMETHING TO DO"
so i'm pro measure D.

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