Thursday, June 28, 2007

Been busy

Hey, I've been busy. Crummy excuse, but it happens. My job went away because I wouldn't relocate to Raleigh, North Carolina. When "They" came out to woo me, I had them take me to Viva. I drove. I made sure I pointed out where Woz lives and Peggy Flemming. And the lovely downtown with the free shuttle.

Which isn't so free anymore. Check out this link:

They're going to start charging for the free shuttle service starting July 1st. I will grant you that a buck isn't going to break my piggy bank...oh wait, I'm unemployed, so it just might. Darn, I'll have to start walking more.

And after dinner and dessert at Viva, they never asked me again if I'd consider relocating. I mean, shoot, where else can you eat al fresco without heat lamps in March?

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