Monday, March 19, 2007

Walkin' Girl

I've been doing a lot of walking these days. I walked the Jones Road to Lexington hike three times in about 9 days. It's glorious in March. I keep having these flashes about how it used to be & how it is now. It's funny...I'd get part way to Lexington as a child & then come, 1.2 miles is nothing.
I led my Girl Scout troop there, and we saw two banana slugs (yes, I picked one up & tried to get them to kiss it, but to no avail), one lizard & one furry thing that looked REALLY big (they came running screaming about it).

Sure, there's probably mountain lions & bobcats there. But I can't see that they'd care for us in the middle of the day. There's enough water to keep the deer up near the top pof the hills.

And I've been walking around town when my daughter takes her class at the rec center. I walk down to Los Gatos Meats and buy beef jerkey & chow down as I walk back. That is truly some of the FINEST beef jerkey ever.

In fact, I'm going to get some now :-D

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