Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mural at Carl's Jr.

So, I'm heading home and I remember that I need catfood. Well, I don't need the catfood...the cat does. I swing into PetFood Express, buy the catfood, and phone home to find out what I'm making for dinner. Husband wants leftovers redone but this time with an exciting side dish. I head into Trader Joe's (love that store), and find a frozen veggie pack that will do the trick. The daughter calls and she wants Carl's Jr. Ok, chicken stars one night this week won't kill her arteries.

I'm standing there waiting for my order remembering when that building was a fruit & vegetable store, and I'm blanking on the name. Martini's Orchard? Anyway, I look at the wall and there's a beautiful mural of Los Gatos in an artists rendition of downtown 1880s. I'd seen it before thousands of times, but this time, I really looked at it, and wondered what was life like back when you had to take a train for long hauls. What was life like with a slow pace?

Today, everything is hurry up and wait. How many of you get impatient waiting for microwave popcorn to be done? And that's only 3 minutes of your life. It would be fun to put aside the cellphones, blackberries, treos, laptops, autos, and just go back to walking for a day. Just to remember that we're humans, not androids.

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