Friday, June 23, 2006

Hot hot hot hot hot...ouch

Ok, so I made the mistake of walking around outside barefoot the other evening. Well, my daughter had learned to ride wtihout training wheels as I may have mentioned (is it obvious that I'm a proud parent?) and every night after dinner without fail for the last 4 weeks, we have gone outside so she could ride her bike around. Ok, so it's 98, and I go outside and I'm running around with her until such a point as I realize "Ok, this was not one of my brighter moments." I had her do her loop around the school while I watched, and then we went back home so I could put on my Tevas.
Then the three of us bicycled around the school in the oppressive heat and by the time I got home, my brain was more melted then a soft serve cone in direct sunlight.
It's cooling down a bit...I think we were only 93 instead of 98.
The corn isn't doing well not because I don't water it daily (sometimes twice a day) but because when I let my cat out (15 years old and a spitfire), she goes over & chews on it. Today, she pulled one of the better ones out entirely & it's sitting there with its little roots exposed. Oh I was not happy. She got no table scraps tonight.

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