Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Squirrel in the Attic

So we got our roof replaced, thankfully right before the first rain in October (and that was a doozy)

Actually I had this post written and then it didn't get saved. Lesson learned. When blogging, save regularly.

So, a squirrel got caught up there somehow. We could hear something running around on top of the ceiling. I couldn't bear the thought of a critter hurting. And I called all around different agencies.

Bottom line, if you have a squirrel in the attic, it's your responsiblity.

I started researching online to find a Haveaheart trap. I was shocked that neither Ace nor Home Depot keep them in stock! Thankfully, OSH does, and I zipped down to the one off of Branham, and they had a good selection of humane traps.

I then stopped at the Wild Bird Store to find out what will tempt the little squirrel. Answer is the same as for rats: peanut butter. I did pick up some bird seed as well.

Well, bottom line, I hope the critter found a way out because after 2 weeks, I didn't catch anything. It's now below the house trying to capture a rat. I want to release the poor thing, but I'm outvoted.

Here's a link to the Haveaheart website dealing with trapping squirrels.


Mary Pope-Handy said...

Wondering if you ever did catch that squirrel? Many years ago we had a problem like that but with mice (we were living in Santa Cruz next to Neary's Lagoon and it was very wildlife friendly). We used humane traps for awhile but the mice were reproducing faster than we were catching them. Eventually we had to use traditional methods to get ahead of the curve :(

Los Gatos Girl said...

Sadly, I never could catch it. I'm hoping that there was a way out. I'd go up there and just wait quietly but never heard anything, so I fooled myself into thinking that the squirrel was just running across my roof and it sounded louder with the new roof material. Sometimes denial is a happy place :-) Thanks for reading!

Unknown said...

This blog is further than my expectations. Nice work guys!!!