Thursday, August 06, 2009

What I Did with Compost

I was so happy when I was given a composter Winter of ’08. I did my duty of only putting in the right compostable materials and no fat or meat. My gardener put in grass clippings. Ok, honestly, I wished he’d just let them sit out & dry out a bit & then I would have put them in, but it’s OK. The smell wasn’t great. I did turn it somewhat regularly. When I’d remember. And then this Spring, by some miracle of nature, I had black gold.

Ok, by then, I’d already planted up my garden. Whoops. So for fun, I spread it around next to the side fence, and planted The Three Sisters in it.

For those wondering, The Three Sisters is corn, beans, and squash. In this case, I used Renee’s Garden seeds, which are Indian corn, red runner beans, and sugar pumpkins. And they grew. Here’s how they looked in the beginning.

Here’s how it looks now!

I got all excited & planted some Delicato squash as well. I’m not sure if it survived or if the stellar jay family ate the seeds.

What really surprised me was this:

I swear these are tomato plants or something. They just kind of burst out. They’re not really growing quickly like the other tomato plants that I started from seed, but maybe it’s because they started later then my seeds.

So yes, I’ve started another pile in the composter. The gardener isn’t putting clippings into the composter, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen or how much I’ll have. I may buy some straw to add in. And some well aged manure. Next growing season, I’ll put the manure on the asparagus patch.

And I’ll make compost tea for the rest of the plants. What’s compost tea? Find out next time right here on


Jomama said...

OK, with that headline, I was looking for something way funnier or way kinkier...

We've gone with worm composters, as there is not room in our plot for a real composter. Hmm, do you have the rotating one that doesn't even touch the ground? We might have room for that, but don't you need the stuff to be in contact with the ground to get enough microbes to break it all down? I am looking for options since the worms just do not eat ENOUGH.

Los Gatos Girl said...

I don't know what happens. I put it in & when I peek, I sometimes see it moving like it's alive. They look kind of like mealworms, and I haven't a clue where they come from....