Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Grease Pit is Gone

Unbelievable that the old Burger Pit is leveled, isn't it? The Merc talked about it here.

I know what he means when he said it was an eyesore. It was sad watching it be so empty for so long. I wish he'd opened it up and let someone like Little Lou's BBQ move in for a larger sit-down experience, but there you go. They didn't ask me.

What really amuses and amazes me is looking at the footprint. It was like when they tore down the old Flames (where the dealership was when it blew up, and here's hoping that the two men who were burned are all better now). I remember so clearly being in the restaurant, and yet, when it's gone, the spot looked so much smaller than I remember the inside space being.

Memories are like that...vague and fleeting. And always never as good as you remember.

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